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Fine Art Print

Features the amino acid sequence of the passenger domain of pertactin.

Pertactin is an autotransport protein of Bordatella pertussis, a causative agents of whooping cough. Pertactin resides in the outer membrane of the cell where it plays a role in cell to cell interactions, contributing to the bacterium's overall virulence. Because of its strong ability to promote an immune response, pertactin is also an antigenic component of the acellular pertussis vaccine.

This art print features the amino acid sequence of pertactin's passenger domain, which after passing through the membranes, forms the mature structure on the outside of the cell, all pumped up and ready for action.

• Museum quality fine art paper
• Acid-free, 100% cotton rag, textured
• Archival pigment inks
• Signed by artist
• Unframed