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Plasmid Collection

Fine Art Print

Once upon a time, long ago in an undergraduate Microbial Genetics course I was introduced to the intricate circular map of Haemophilus influenza's genome. It was the first free-living organism to ever have it's genome completely sequenced. The project was completed and published in 1995 by J. Craig Venter and his team at TIGR, in collaboration with Hamilton Smith using a shotgun sequencing method. The researchers identified genetic coding regions which were incorporated into a circular genomic map. The impression on me was immediate. The map has stuck with me, as the simplicity of the circle in conjunction with the complexity of genomics is no less than stunning.

Inspired, I began creating works of art featuring various genomes and plasmids. Here is a collection of a few, all originally painted in watercolor. A perfect print for those of you who can't decide which one is your favorite!

• Museum quality fine art paper
• Acid-free, 100% cotton rag, textured
• Archival pigment inks
• Signed by artist
• Unframed